Rules Page

Carnoustie Pool League Rules

  • Be courteous to all fellow players
  • Behave in all venues, remember you represent Carnoustie Pool – abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Play all your matches within the rules & laws of the game.
  • If in doubt speak to another player to stand in as a ref before the shot.
  • We are a friendly league and although competitive, we expect players to play all their matches in a friendly manner.
  • All matches must be played
  • If you do not notify other players in advance that you cannot make it , you forfeit that nights matches
  • Top Brass decisions are final – If you are interested in joining the league, please contact Chris
  • Catch Up Games –  Games can be played the following weeks or in advance due to holidays ,However you are only allowed 2 outstanding matches at any one time. If say you missed week 1 then miss week 2 , Week 1 get the points and week 2 now become outstanding .  Catch up games can be played any day at any time BUT – only whatsapp Chris on a Tuesday with the result.
  • Game Rules: All rules & laws of the game ‘should’ be displayed in any pub as on the wall in the stag and the corner
  • Promotion & Relegation:
    • Top 3 players go up & Bottom 3 go down.
    • Playoffs were scrapped unless its to decide promotion or prizes
  • You can be late no problem at all, as long as you contact your group.  Don’t turn up late without notifying someone otherwise matches are forfeited instantly.
  • Up until now we have never needed refs to stand watching and have no reason to change it.  we’ve had a couple of close calls and the other players act as referees on how they saw it.
  • There will be a division co-ordinator for each division every season to help out.  can change every season.
  • We are in a new league and new format and learning all the time, so rules may & will change as the seasons progress.
  • Top Chiefs  –  Chris Martin & Richard Watterson
  • Drugs – We have never added this to the rules before , however to press forward pushing for SPA affiliation , In accordance with the SPA rules, all drugs are banned within Carnoustie Pool time with immediate effect . There will be no exceptions on this during matches or at away events. How can we enforce this you ask, same as the SPA , you can be asked to take a test or leave. Bans are 1 year. Tests will only be offered if there is enough evidence to suggest its needed. Please don’t spoil your Tuesday nights out. And whilst here, same for fighting, it will not be tolerated. Heated discussions happen, but it cannot be escalated.



If you have any suggestions please get in touch. Enjoy the Game

Tuesday’s Sorted

Questions asked throughout the season will be posted here with answer. This will help shape the rules of the league and allow all to understand the reasons for any changes.

Q1: Is there an allowance to play catch up games at the end of the season
A1: Yes. Catchup games can be played at the end of the season however we have now changed the rules so that catch up games can be played any time of the week.  This should reduce (maybe even eliminate) the number of end of season catch up games.

Q2: Can we upload videos of the matches / shots

A2: Sure, provided the videos are table view or all people in the video and players consent, and audio is suitable (no swearing etc as publicly available website).  We would recommend a tripod is used for image stability.  Get in touch if you wish us to upload video.


We use a template to create the fixtures and have tried to do it in the fairest possible way, everyone has a few games that they play near the start, some halfway and of course, some near the end of the evening. It is not possible to have a foolproof system where everyone is treated exactly the same with regards to order. We have done our best. If you are playing in the first 2 games of the first session, it is highly likely you will be playing in the first 2 games of the second session but this is not guaranteed. If you are playing 3rd or 4th in first, you’d expect to be playing 3rd or 4th in second session. And same goes for 5th and 6th. This has been done so that all players have the same wait time in between games. The order of play is just a suggestion to keep it fair through the season. If someone needs away early or cant come until later then please accommodate.

Fixtures are created at the start of the season and done so alphabetically. If you are alphabetically #1 position in the league prior to it starting, you will be Player 1 in the template, 2nd in the league will be player 2 and so forth. The whole season fixtures are created at the very beginning.

If you would like to have a paper copy of the fixtures please let us know.  We have made some changes to the order of play and believe this is the fairest way so far, see the example below.  3 weeks have had their fixtures rejigged, names are reference only.

On a weekly basis the website and group chats have the fixtures added. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the fixtures, get in touch. We are happy to get any kind of feedback.