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Nearing end of Season 2


As we approach the end of season 2,  its hotting up.   Division 1 is taking its course as i would have expected, expcept for the newcomer Emmett whos mixing it up at the top in 2nd place.  with only 16 points left to play for in that group and craig having only dropped 5 out of 36 , its a tough task to ask.  Geoff & Billy are hot on their heels.

Division 2 .  only a few points separate 7 players at the top of this group and anything can happen over the last 4 matches.  our craig 3 points clear at the top looking for 1 win out of 4 to secure his promotion to the 1st division. Dale desperate to win his game in hand to be back fighting in joint 3rd place , but will maurice deny this as he did myself forcing a draw.

Division 3 .  Its tight at the top in this one too . Martin with a 1 point advantage over matthew who has an extra game to play yet.  derek & jim hot on their heels and looking for promotion in 2 weeks time.  Can newcomer Kieran ( yup my laddie ) spoil things for them as 1 by 1 he plays his catch up games and climbs the ladder.   with only 1 defeat to his name the points have been racking up and has 2 games left to catch up. 4 lads battling it out at the bottom to try and stay away from relegation.

Division 4 .   With a lot of new players joining the ranks this season, division 4 was always going to be a complete mystery.  Newcomer Patrick has stuck to the task and is 1 point clear of oor Billy Snr but all can change in the top 4 within the last 2 weeks as we see at least billy in 2nd playing 3rd place on tuesday and 1st place the final week.   Jamie Laws , who from last season couldnt buy a win, ( couldnt have won a raffle if he bought all the tickets  ) , has moved on in to 4th position with only 1 more loss than those above him,  presume last season was nerves or a missing arm or something.  but can jamie soldier on and capitalise whilst the top 3 are battling it out and dropping points.  Time will tell.


End of Season 1 2021/22

Div 1
Div 2
Winner. Elmo Blatch
Div 3
Winner. Danny Elder
2nd Craig Watson
Div 4
Team game results tonight
Div 4 beat Div 1. 8-5 I’m sure
Div 3 beat Div 2 with a 7-0 victory
( ended 8-5 I’m sure )
Season 1 been a blast , and glad yous all enjoyed it . Now for 2 free Tuesday, maybe a wee holiday and back to it 19th April .
Special mention to Jamie Laws on winning his first game .
Danny accepting his trophy and prize money tonight after beating about 10 boys in a row whilst hobbling around the table