Welcome to CPLCarnoustie Pool League, Tuesday’s Sorted.

The CPL’s latest venue is the Carnoustie Golf Club.


The Carnoustie Pool League consists of a Singles event split into 6 Divisions held in 6 separate venues across Carnoustie, and 12 teams of 5 players.

These venues are – The Legion, The Stags Head, The Corner Hotel , The Craws Nest, The Aboukir & Carnoustie Golf Club

Matches are played on a Tuesday evening from 19:30 on a rotational venue basis. All abilities are welcome, make something of your Tuesday evening. Furthermore the CPL players host and attend pool competitions, so if you enjoy a game of pool you’ve nothing to lose. Get in touch with Chris on whatsapp – 07523270755.

This Weeks Fixtures

Neil Allan vs Alfie TaylorDivision 3
Robert McLean vs Kieran MartinDivision 2
John O’Neil vs Alex PrydeDivision 4
Oliver Jamieson vs Ben WainwrightDivision 5
Steven Peffers vs David BrownDivision 6
Craig Watson vs Andy McGillDivision 1
Kevin Gosling vs Billy Leahy SNRDivision 5
Andrew Davidson vs Ronesh RajcoomarDivision 6
Ethan Torrie vs Cairn RobbieDivision 4
Steve Mudie vs Martin LynchDivision 2
Jim Joyce vs Bobby MacDivision 3
Emmett McCool vs Craig SandfordDivision 1
Geoff Singer vs Craig BrownDivision 1
Martin Greaves vs Steve NicollDivision 3
Reece Goldstraw vs Stuart CampbellDivision 2
Jamie Laws vs Stevie KyleDivision 4
Liam Allan vs Shiona TorrieDivision 5
Murray Ross vs David DalgarnoDivision 6
Chris Martin vs Graham SandilandsDivision 1
Dougal Dutch vs Robbie MillerDivision 5
Carl Nielsen vs Richie CummingDivision 4
Mike Driscoll vs Scott OrdDivision 2
Derek Torrie vs Ross CameronDivision 3
Matthew Grossett vs Brian EasterbyDivision 1
R Koli vs Stuart McDonaldDivision 3
Ryan McLeod vs Tony DoyleDivision 2
Neil Jarret vs Stuart CameronDivision 4
Paul Lindsay vs Stuart SmithDivision 5
Mike Stewart vs Billy Leahy JNRDivision 1
Paul Cottrell vs Alan McEwenDivision 3
Shirley Morris vs Dale GlenDivision 2
Steve Inglis vs Alan SmithDivision 4
Ronnie Etchels vs Allan GrayDivision 5
Richard Watterson vs Patrick KellyDivision 1
Emmett McCool vs Andy McGillDivision 1
Andrew Davidson vs David BrownDivision 6
Oliver Jamieson vs Kevin GoslingDivision 5
Robert McLean vs Steve MudieDivision 2
Neil Allan vs Jim JoyceDivision 3
John O’Neil vs Ethan TorrieDivision 4
Geoff Singer vs Craig WatsonDivision 1
Steve Nicoll vs Alfie TaylorDivision 3
Stuart Campbell vs Kieran MartinDivision 2
Stevie Kyle vs Alex PrydeDivision 4
Shiona Torrie vs Ben WainwrightDivision 5
Steven Peffers vs David DalgarnoDivision 6
Graham Sandilands vs Craig SandfordDivision 1
Ronesh Rajcoomar vs Murray RossDivision 6
Robbie Miller vs Billy Leahy SNRDivision 5
Richie Cumming vs Cairn RobbieDivision 4
Scott Ord vs Martin LynchDivision 2
Ross Cameron vs Bobby MacDivision 3
Matthew Grossett vs Craig BrownDivision 1
Dougal Dutch vs Stuart SmithDivision 5
Carl Nielsen vs Stuart CameronDivision 4
Mike Driscoll vs Tony DoyleDivision 2
Derek Torrie vs Stuart McDonaldDivision 3
Mike Stewart vs Chris MartinDivision 1
Martin Greaves vs Paul CottrellDivision 3
Reece Goldstraw vs Shirley MorrisDivision 2
Jamie Laws vs Steve InglisDivision 4
Liam Allan vs Ronnie EtchelsDivision 5
Patrick Kelly vs Brian EasterbyDivision 1
R Koli vs Alan McEwenDivision 3
Ryan McLeod vs Dale GlenDivision 2
Neil Jarret vs Alan SmithDivision 4
Paul Lindsay vs Allan GrayDivision 5
Richard Watterson vs Billy Leahy JNRDivision 1